The qualified employee is an essential prerequisite for the achievement and success of company goals. The search for qualified candidates is often difficult, regardless of the current labor market conditions.

Wörner & Partner - the specialist for special markets - seeks personnel systematically and with purpose. Because of our specialization, we can act fast and  with high efficiency.The WPC team consists of experienced consultants (Physicists, Chemists, Biologists).

As a part of our thorough position analysis, a professional and personal job requirement profile is compiled, along with a position environment and company structure evaluation.

Wörner & Partner provides you a "Full Service" Search. Generally, we choose to approach the candidates directly.

The Wörner & Partner Personogram® is an ideal technique, to interpret the professional and personal suitability of the candidate. The interviews with the candidates are organized to take place locally.

Whenever possible, the impression obtained by our consultants will be confirmed through references. We will coordinate the applicant interviews for you. WPC-Advisors will be available as "coaches" for the contract signing and during the probationary period.

We recommend a candidate only when we are absolutely certain that the one found is the best and most appropriate for our client. It is for this reason that a guarantee clause has a permanent place in our consulting contracts.